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Workpackage 1: Retrofitting of end-of-life coal power plants

The first two work packages are devoted to find solutions for the end-of-life and closed power plants to exploit the available and stranded assets and to minimize the losses of the coal industry within the rapid coal phase-out strategy.

Work package 1 addresses the retrofit options for an operating end-of life coal power plant including technic-economic evaluations. The study considers different several scenarios with alternative solid and gaseous fuels such as waste-derived fuels, different types of biomass and hydrogen as well as SNG. Thereby investigations on the influence of the new fuels on components and environment will be done. The study will eventually identify suitable operational strategies for power-to-fuel integration in retrofitted coal power plants. This work package also will look into novel energy carriers.

Workpackage 2: Using stranded assets of closed coal power plants


Work package 2 aims to leverage the use of stranded assets in closed coal power plants to be integrated with power-to-fuel plants. For this study coal power plants that are located nearby a waste-to-energy plant and other industrial sites will be considered. The work elaborates case studies to maximize the use of stranded assets and to bring synergy between these industries and the power-to-fuel plant. A techno-economic study will be performed, determining the benefits and added-value of the promising case studies. WP2 also considers the implementation of topping cycles for the closed coal power plants.

Workpackage 3: Power-to-fuel integration in retrofitted end-of-life and closed coal-related assets

The outcome of WP1 and WP2 will be transferred to WP3, in which carbon capture and utilisation to produce E-fuels for the optimized scenarios will be assessed.

WP3 focuses on design and operation optimization as well as economic aspects of power-to-fuel technologies in retrofitted and closed coal power plants. It evaluates the cost benefits associated with the integration of power-to-fuel technology in coal-related assets through maximizing the utilisation of available resources and design configurations. WP3 aims to develop a guideline for the deployment of cost and energy-efficient power-to-fuel solutions in coal-related assets.


Workpackage 4: Sustainability analysis of power-to-fuel integration in retrofitted end-of-life and closed coal-related assets

The output of case studies and technology developments will serve as the input for the framework and analysis study. WP4 delves into the environmental and socio-economic aspects of power-to-fuel integration. Besides investigations of the carbon footprint the life cycle of the e-fuels producing technologies will be analysed with reference to the conventional technologies. WP4 also highlights the importance of public awareness on CCUS and investigates the public acceptance with regard to the power-to-fuel concept.

Workpackage 5: Regulatory framework conditions, certification and market analysis

Following in an interactive approach, WP5 is dedicated to facilitating the integration of E-fuels in the future European market by performing a comprehensive market analysis and developing approaches for guarantee of origins for E-fuels. WP5 analyses the current and upcoming regulatory framework conditions to accelerate the market integration and certification of E-fuels. Ultimately, WP5 creates a business model with strategies for an advanced energy system.

Workpackage 6: Project management, coordination and dissemination


WP6 is related to the project management and coordination of the tasks and WPs. WP6 handles the administrative and financial matters of the project as well as dissemination activities. The latter contains launching a project public website for knowledge-sharing and presenting project progress and obtained results to share the project outcome with policymakers, NGOs, research institutes and the power and energy sector.

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